(Another) New Fluco Blog

Thank you for checking out Fluco Blog!  It’s been through a few changes over the years,  but haven’t we all?

I took over Fluco Blog almost two years ago and changed it from local news reporting to sharing my personal opinions and experiences as a teacher in Fluvanna schools.  I was just elected to the Fluvanna County School Board, so  I decided to give old Fluco Blog new life as a way to let people know what’s going on with the Board.  I hope to fill the space between reading about the results of School Board meetings, and packing up the family right about dinner time to be there yourself.

So, I’ll try to stay away from regurgitating agendas and schedules, and instead share what I can about the reasoning behind School Board issues and decisions.  And even better, you can share with me (and other readers) anything you want to add to help us understand the big picture.  Comments from readers can be posted anonymously, in case issues hit too close to home for you.

I don’t start my term on the School Board until January, but I still go to the meetings, so please look for another (better!) post next week.   If you think others might be interested, please share the address:  flucoblog.wordpress.com.

If you want to know when there’s a new post, click FOLLOW in the bottom right corner and enter your email address.  It’s private and completely free.  If you want to comment on a post, click Comments.  You’ll be asked to provide a name and email address.  If you want to be anonymous, DON’T GIVE YOUR REAL NAME ANYWHERE.  Make something up.   Do give your real email address, which will not show up with your comment.  Your information is not leased or sold to outside agencies.  You might also be asked for a website, which is weird and not required. Please try it!

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.  The views expressed in this blog are purely my own and do not represent the Fluvanna County School Board, the school superintendent, or anyone else. Comments added by others are not necessarily my opinions and I am not responsible for their content.


2 thoughts on “(Another) New Fluco Blog

  1. So very glad you are back and very happy that you won the election to be on the school board. I feel like now there is someone who truly cares about our students and teachers; the two main factors of education!

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