An Early Season


The Spring/Summer Teacher Shakeups have started early this year with a surprise lead from Fluvanna Middle School. Yesterday a number of teachers were individually called before all 3 building administrators and informed of changes to their subject and/or grade level assignment for next year. This might be considered business as usual at the elementary level, regardless of how much personal money teachers spend on grade specific materials, how much personal time they invest in grade specific instruction, and how much professional respect they’d feel if asked about personal strengths or preferences. It’s so discouraging to see the middle school dealing with this now. I’ve heard a theory that the older the student, the more respect for the teacher.

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10 thoughts on “An Early Season

  1. I know first-hand how discouraging it is to put so much time and money and HOPE into an assignment to have it taken away with no consideration for your own opinion. Nobody wins in this situation, particularly the students.

  2. One of the discouraging things about this is that no reason is being provided and the changes are so numerous. It makes all of us feel like completely interchangeable cogs in a machine and that no one in administration has any concern for us teachers as human beings, let alone any respect for our content knowledge and experience.

    • Honestly Bernard, do you think our administration cares. At the middle school our top admin is not even vested in this community, failed in the last school, hired here to do it again.

      • I agree (backtoteaching), this past Fall, parents spoke out and attempted to have the school administration removed. The SB did not lift a finger to help. Who do we turn to?

  3. I am a concerned parent. I strongly believe that the SB will not do anything to help. Who is able to help put a stop to this abuse of our teachers and staff? Is there anything parents can do to help?

    • Dear Parent,
      Thank you so much for being involved and taking time to support us here! I’ve talked to most SB members individually, and often addressed the Brd collectively, and I believe in their good intentions. I don’t believe they think I speak for the majority. Please at least try contacting your representative to lend your voice to ours.

      • I will reach out to them again. This past Fall I asked for their help, and the SB turned a blind eye.

      • Dear Involved parent and all involved parents,
        Keep trying! The more people (involved parents and citizens) that speak up the stronger our voice for good education and fair treatment of our teachers (which means good education) will be. Get as many people to the SB meetings. Write to your SB member and all the members over and over again. Fill their email boxes until they cannot ignore the obvious. This will show them your care for your children’s education, the people who teach them and that you vote. Thank you so much for your support. All the teachers of Fluvanna care for you through our love of your children.

  4. I have taught in the middle school since I left college. As a first year teacher I was asked to take over a precarious position with little to no support from the administration, but the entire staff welcomed me and supported me. I scraped through my first two years of teaching with the awesome support of teachers and other staff members NOT the administration. There were days I didn’t want to get up and come in to work, but when I got to school I was surrounded by people that loved TEACHING. Their passion became my passion. In the last 8 months I have seen so many with the passion for teaching lose it. I see a teaching staff that shows up to school with hope for the day and leaves looking like beat dogs. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about all these awesome teachers that cannot do their job because no one in the administration cares enough to see what an AWESOME job these teachers do with so little resources. The reassignments in the middle school make no sense. Some teachers have been in their position for 10+ years and have DATA to show that their students are learning and growing in their classrooms. Why change something that is working? Why change a person’s teaching position when they are AWESOME at what they do? Why change a person’s position after they have spent 10+ years collecting resources for their subject and/or grade level? It seems as if the administration is setting the middle school up to fail. Who will be blamed? Inevitably that will fall on the teachers that will be working their fingers to the bone to the do the best job they can in a position they are unfamiliar with.

    • Hopingforchange shares insights so familiar that my own husband thought it was my post. I couldn’t have said it better. For decades, the middle school has attracted the finest and most dedicated teachers I’ve ever worked with. What will happen when they’ve finally had enough?

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