Teachers Anonymous

Fluco Blog is back up and running.  I see it as my chance to help Fluvanna teachers cope with their calling and feel supported in some small way.  I like to know I’m not alone (crazy) as I deal with the challenges of teaching, so I’m telling my stories, and setting up a safe (anonymous) place for others to weigh in.  I’ll keep speaking at Fluvanna’s monthly school board meetings in support of teachers’ ideas and concerns.

One main advantage of a blog is anonymity.  Not for me, obviously, but I’m retiring this summer.  And I know anonymity is a big red flag, but I’ve often felt speaking up as a teacher left me with a choice between anonymity or unemployment.  OK, that’s a little strong, I’ve also been afraid of grade level reassignment, school transfer, and BEING SENT BACK TO THE CLASSROOM (ouch).  Consequently, today’s blog post is about the value of eliminating fear from the workplace.

It’s pretty obvious. If employees aren’t afraid to disagree with decision makers, the system benefits from valuable employee expertise.  Huge improvements can come from listening to the people closest to the finished product.  And by giving input, employees can feel good about making a difference for the organization.  All of this affects profits if you’re talking about a business.  It affects children if you’re talking about a school.

That’s it for now.  I’m off to a slow start, but soon I’ll blog regularly on more specific topics with more specific examples.  If you want to know when there’s a new post, click FOLLOW in the bottom right corner and enter your email address.  It’s private and completely free.  If you want to comment on a post, click Comments after that post.  You’ll be asked by the computer management system to provide a name (possibly ANONYMOUS) and address.  The management company collects the info “only to fulfill the purpose of the visitor’s interaction with the system”.  The information is not leased or sold to outside agencies.  The email address you give can be real and will not be displayed, but if you want to be anonymous never enter your real name.  They might ask for a website, which is weird and not required. Please try it!

If you think others might be interested, please share the address (flucoblog.com). Internet Explorer or Firefox work best.  And folks might need to copy and paste flucoblog.wordpress.com into the address bar, not the search bar.  Google has some sort of problem with me.

Fluco Blog reflects my own views and opinions.  I do not represent any group or organization.

16 thoughts on “Teachers Anonymous

  1. I’m definitely afraid to say much to Fluvanna’s administration, even if I think I can make a lesson more interesting, or a schedule run smoothly, or a test less stressful. My opinion is taken as criticism against whoever came up with the plan, including “coordinators and partners”. I don’t feel respected and I do feel afraid. Fluvanna can do better!

  2. I am an aide not a teacher. I do not understand why administration is only proposing a flat rate of $300 for staff. This only amounts to $25 a month gross. We have families and bills as well. The pay freeze of the past what 7 years has effected us as well.

  3. Yes, it is true that teachers have been spoken to about their comments…I was one one of them. To be specific, I was told that my comnents were rude and I needed to watch my tone. I will continue to speak the truth and if that means an overall negative tone so be it.

  4. You are not definitely not crazy. I have been lied to and lied about by district level administrators and have come to understand that unless you are an administrator, particularly at the district level. Fluvanna has a hierarchy that says if you are a teacher or otherwise not an administrator you are to used and abused. There is never a “thank you” or a “hey, you did a good job”. It’s almost as if there is no understanding of the fact that we are all people and people perform for reasons other than a paycheck.

  5. Okay they did it again. The middle school staff has been switched around, moved up and down, and placed in subjects they never wanted EVER to be. When will the county learn that does not work and will never work. Instead the morale of the building has sunk to below zero.

    You just have to wonder who exactly is driving the bus….most at the middle school is begging it so stop so they can get off.

    • I am one of those teachers at FMS being moved to a new position I have never taught, feel very uncomfortable, and know that being weak in a subject will not make me a good teacher no matter how hard I try. I truly feel that it is the goal of our admin. to have Fluvanna fail. All their policies point to failure. So the question is…what do our admin. have to gain with these types of policies that ignore the teacher and the student for some kind of gain for themselves? Do the citizens of Fluvanna really want to be privatized?

    • It’s not the county. It’s the admin. The county money goes to the admin who has sole discretion over how it is spent — like for more testing. And more testing. Even the School bOard is kept in the dark alot, though they could be doing better. It’s not run properly, IMO

  6. You may be right. Teachers get held accountable for everything. However did anyone ever think that our leaders may be leading us in the wrong direction? Maybe all the focus should be turned on them…why are your policies and requirements not working? Teachers and staff are doing everything they ask even if none of it makes sense. Like this.

  7. I agree…Teachers are accountable for EVERYTHING!!! Things that are out of our control, we are told to fix with no resources and no help! And, when students fail, we get poor evaluations, plans of improvement, and again NO SUPPORT! It all falls on our shoulders, day in and day out! I do think our leaders are leading us in the wrong direction. I would love to know what is or who is the driving force behind all of this insanity. Just look at what we are NOT ALLOWED TO TEACH! Things that are important, skills we as teachers know students need and they are not getting! We are told, “Oh, they will just get that.: NO, NO, NO….many of them don’t just get it and the gaps are growing larger and larger. I think the tables should be turned back on our administration. I’d love for any one of them to come in and do what any of us do for an entire day!

  8. As the parent of 3 children, 2 in Fluvanna county schools, I’m feeling helpless and hopeless too. I see one of my children suffering because there isn’t enough time to properly teach him. If he doesn’t get a concept his teacher (who is incredible, by the way ) isn’t allowed the time to slow down and help him. At this point we are looking at other schooling options.
    We have amazing teachers here and I feel helpless! How can we, as parents, help you? What can parents do? I’ve got a great network of parents who are all concerned. How can we make a difference and help?
    My husband is ready to move. I love this community and I don’t want to leave it. But do I stay here at the expense of my children’s education?

    • Concerned Parent,
      I hate to hear your child is suffering! How completely unacceptable! PLEASE contact your school board member. Ask them to listen to teachers who share your concern.

    • Dear Concerned parent,
      I am so sorry to learn of your frustration and hope that as a concerned parent you can change things so that you do not have to leave this county. Please gather all you friends who are concerned about our school system. Ask them to constantly write to their School Board member and their Supervisor too. Come, even though I know it is hard to do, to the School Board meetings. Our SB does not listen to the teachers, but they will listen to you as parents especially if you can come in large numbers. We must all stand together to make positive changes for all our children. Do not accept the lies that will be told to you that first we must comply with the State’s Mandates. Anything that hurts the future of our children if NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!

  9. Concerned parent, have you considered opting your child out of SOL testing? Opting out will alleviate some of the stress your child is under and may help to impact policy in the county. One parent opting out may not do much, but perhaps some of those parents in your network are experiencing the same issues and would also consider opting out. If many people choose to do so, the administration MUST take notice. Perhaps opting out could be used as a means to impact the amount of test prep that has moved into the curriculum at the expense of authentic learning opportunities. It is something to think about.

  10. I agree that Fluvanna’s district-level administrators are doing it all wrong. I am an aide in a classroom and think the way we teach makes no sense (especially in math), and the teachers have no say–in fact they are given a “script”! Ridiculous!

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